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Looking at The Common Weal Big Book of Ideas

by admin

Scotland is in the midst of extensive debate concerning its future as a nation and how it should be governed. Two major aspects of this debate are sadly inadequate however.

The question of liberty is often raised in a collectivist framework – the liberty of the country as a single indivisible whole. The question of liberty as understood by Mises and by the whole classical liberal tradition – that is individual liberty – is rarely raised.

The related issue of how an economy should operate, whether by central command, free enterprise within a tightly state regulated environment or by laissez faire principles is likewise seldom examined.

In short the path of liberty is ignored. If it is considered at all, it is rapidly dismissed as too harsh, or too risky, or too unworkable or too unfair.

To reveal the errors in this contemporary narrative, The Mises Institute of Scotland will examine, week-by-week, the 101 Big Ideas defined by The Common Weal, a collectivist think-tank much involved in the national debate . They have published their ideas in book form, unsurprisingly called “A Book of Ideas”. It can be purchased here.




It should be fun!